Rando du goût, goût de la rando

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Rando du goût, goût de la rando

the Sunday 7 April 2013 Lydie BERTRAND 19310 Ayen (Corrèze) 17 Place Louis Mareuse
Phone : 05 55 25 16 67  - Fax : 05 55 25 54 00
Open website http://www.ayen.fr Troisieme edition of the taste, taste of the Rando Ayen Rando is a community since 2007 with various actions listed in its Agenda 21 sustainable development. Since then, the commune was rewarded many times for its quality actions at regional and national. As part of the sustainable development week, the Office of tourism of Ayen propose including a new edition of "the hike of taste": the opportunity to associate the pleasure of walking to the taste buds while educating citizens in the local and fair trade, waste reduction and the importance of short circuits. There is something for everyone! Three circuits are available 8, 12, and 19 km - sport hiker or Walker: tours are offered to the participants: you are free to choose. -Sugar or salt: tastings graciously offered by producers are provided throughout the journey with specialities of duck or nuts, cheeses, honey, gingerbread and bread will seduce you! A beautiful gourmet farandole awaits... - at the back, an aperitif is offered to all the participants who will be able to compose their basket according to their wishes thanks to the meeting with the producers. Location: Salle des fêtes of Ayen - registration and breakfast from 7 h 30 rates subsequently releases free for children under the age of 12 years. For more information and registration, please contact us at the
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