Fête de la nature 2011

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fête de la nature 2011

il sabato 21 maggio 2011 FLORENCE COMPAIN 19160 Neuvic (Corrèze) ecole du Vent Haut
Tel : 05 55 95 93 79
Guardare il sito Here it is ..., the CPIE of Corrèze (Tree House and Water) began organizing his day dedicated to the Celebration of Nature. This participation will be part of the national days organized by the association "Celebration of Nature" which all EIPC France are partners.
The date is reserved and it will be Saturday, May 21, 2011.
To this day, the EIPC has chosen to open the doors of its Learning Center for the Environment, located in the former village school at Windward High NEUVIC, in full heart of the Gorges of the Upper Dordogne.

Program: flea market to raise awareness of waste prevention, nature walk, discovery workshops and coaching green (natural gardening, discovery of amphibians, cooking workshop with wild plants, introduction to fly fishing ...) but too small "market ecocitizen" (food, cosmetics, toys, crafts ...).

So a whole range of activities that will be made to educate the environment and learn to look, to see nature differently and that is the preserve. Quite simply, we want to bring to our business knowledge related to nature and the environment but also share our passion to discover what lies behind the whole thing and make that new links be renewed by the general public with Nature.

  • Logis Auberge De Saint Julien Aux Bois Le Bourg 19220 Argentat a partire da 43.00 €

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  • Lutea Place Du Champ De Foire 15400 Riom es Montagnes a partire da 39.00 €

    Prenotate al Lutea
  • Inter-Hotel Le Gerfaut Route De Puy-Mary 15140 Lascelle a partire da 45.00 €

    Prenotate al Inter-Hotel Le Gerfaut
  • Château Le Mialaret Route d'Egletons 19160 Neuvic

  • CAMPING DOMAINE DE MIALARET Route d'Egletons - 19160 NEUVIC 19160 Neuvic

  • DOMAINE DE MIALARET Route d'Egletons 19160 Neuvic 19160 Neuvic

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