Exposition marie bazin à meyssac

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from December 19 2011 to December 24 2011 Marie Bazin 19500 Meyssac (Corrèze) La Brunie
Phone : 05 55 84 35 85
Open website http://www.mariebazin.com Marie Bazin exposure to Meyssac (Corrèze, France). From December 19 to 24 the painter Marie Bazin outlines the charming Chapel Foyer cultural Meyssac. You will discover much of his work since 2005, its dazzling debut in late 2011. Painter, but also a musician and singer, Marie Bazin is from the north, and Corrèze adoption and heart ... Unclassifiable artist, his world very personal and very colorful at first invites you to escape and dream. As a re-invented world where fish fly, or dance the trees where incipient spiral twirl into voluptuous arabesques. And think about it, you feel that there is more .... For the artist's work is not that "aesthetic", quite the contrary. And that's after several readings that can detect other meanings hidden in the folds of the cloth. Something you did not see and you at once obvious. As the lights still there, but we know neither the origin nor the end, except that it illuminates even the deepest blacks.Painter of color, it blends with the infinite and without restraint, Marie Bazin also uses collage as a vehicle for his messages. Always sparingly, always to good effect, it created surprise and you approach them for a closer look and discover what it is! Exposure to Embark, and the words of the artist: "I open the doors to you to tell the story ... d'entrer Finish!"
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  • Le Relais de Vellinus 17 place du Champs de Mars 19120 Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne from 72.00 Euros

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  • Le Grand Hôtel Le Turenne 1 Boulevard De Turenne 19120 Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne from 75.00 Euros

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  • Auberge des Charmilles 20 Boulevard Saint Rodolphe De Turenne 19120 Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne from 68.00 Euros

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  • La maison des étoiles Lieu-dit "le Genestal" 19500 Noailhac


  • Domaine le Cedre Pomie Bas 46600 Cazillac

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