Tomoko sauvage, concert – performance

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Tomoko Sauvage, Concert – performance

the Sunday 14 August 2011 Gülseren Altun / Pierre Redon 19290 Saint-Setiers (Corrèze) La Pommerie
Phone : 05 55 95 62 34
Open website http://www.lapommerie.org The Japanese artist Tomoko Sauvage footprint and revisits several years how to use the Jalatarangam, an instrument derived from the traditional music of South India. It uses hydrophones (underwater microphones) to capture underwater sounds it produces direct manipulation of ceramic bowls filled with water. Following the completion of new bowls, developed in partnership with the CRAFT in Limoges (Research Centre of the Arts of Fire and Earth), Tomoko Sauvage continue his residency at the Pommerie to work and deal on this new instrumentarium. His studio will be open to the public every afternoon of August 16 to 31, for a special contact with the artist. The concert on Aug. 14 to discover his former work and a presentation of new sounds that will allow its new bowls. September 18, as part of Heritage Days, a closing presentation of residence allows us to explore the progress of their creations. Appointments not to be missed to discover a world that is both simple, sophisticated and poetic blend in which the Fire and Water ...As for each proposed event at The Pommerie, the concert will be followed by a buffet (Japanese for the occasion) that extends a friendly meeting (sweet and savory tarts are always welcome).
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