Jardin de lostanges

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the Sunday 15 May 2011 Labarde Philippe 19500 Lostanges (Corrèze) Le Saumont
Phone : 05 55 25 47 78
Open website http://www.jardin-de-lostanges.com Doors open at Garden Lostanges Sunday, May 15 Open all day: 10 am to 19 pm
course and nature discovery located 500 meters above sea level. The garden covers 2 acres and includes about 500 species from around the world (Canada, Patagonia, Siberia, New Zealand, Asian jungles and deserts American ....) in the footsteps of naturalists and travelers discover the history the introduction of plants into France through history. Sales of nuts, hardy succulents, cacti resistant to frost. (More information on the site of the botanical garden).

  • Auberge des Charmilles 20 Boulevard Saint Rodolphe De Turenne 19120 Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne from 68.00 Euros

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  • Les Flots Bleus Place du Monturu 19120 Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne from 78.00 Euros

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  • Auberge De Cartassac Lieu-Dit Cartassac - Route départementale 720 46600 Cazillac from 52.00 Euros

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  • La Bercély chambres d'hôtes La Geneste 19120 TUDEILS 19120 Tudeils

  • Le domaine de Savignoux Domaine de Savignoux - 19500 Puy d’Arnac 19120 Puy-d'Arnac

  • Le Jardin de Beyssin Beyssin 19120 Puy-d'Arnac

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