Accommodation, Bed and Breakfast in Corrèze

    Guest house
    Practical and friendly, here is what summarizes the formula of guest houses. Whom you are only or in family, come to spend one or several nights at the inhabitant. It is as a friend that you will be welcomed by the host and the hostess who can make you discover the local specialities during the meals which will be proposed to you.
50 in Corrèze.
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Bed and Breakfast in Poissy


LE FLOCHMOEN 113 RUE DE VILLIERS APPT 105 78300 Poissy (Corrèze)
Phone : 06 78 09 47 68

Bed and Breakfast in Arnac-Pompadour

Pavillon Hélie de POMPADOUR

LE HECH Les sapins 19230 Arnac-Pompadour (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 73 30 22  - Fax : 05 55 73 68 26
Toute l’année, pour vos séjours à Pompadour, 5 chambres équipées chacune de:
salle de bain et wc, Mini bar, télévision, chauffage électrique, Téléphone direct, Petits déjeuners servis ...

Bed and Breakfast in Arnac-Pompadour


LATOURNERIE 24 AVENUE BASILE LACHAUD 19230 Arnac-Pompadour (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 73 39 54
Près du Chateau et du Haras National, venez chez l'habitant découvrir 2 chambres d'hôtes dans une maison agréable et conviviale.
picture of Le Pradel chambres d'hôtes
  • Average season of 65€ to 85€

Bed and Breakfast in Monceaux-sur-Dordogne

Le Pradel chambres d'hôtes

Christian et Anne du Pradel le Pradel 19400 Monceaux sur Dordogne 19400 Monceaux-sur-Dordogne (Corrèze)
Phone : 06 60 40 65 41
Within the correzian part of the Dordogne Valley
In their family mansion of the eighteenth, overlooking a vast plain, the owners will be delighted to welcome you and make you discover the peace and ...

Bed and Breakfast in Varetz

La Coloniale

BROCHETON Odette et Francis Les Cailloux 19240 Varetz (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 85 09 37
“La Coloniale” is a superb contemporary residence located in the heart of countryside, 9 kms from Brive, at crossrads of the Lot, the Dordogne and Correze Region, and 5 minutes from A89 and A20. ...

Bed and Breakfast in Lagraulière


Kooijman Domaine de bellefond 19700 Lagraulière (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 73 69 90
Une charmante Chambres et Table d'Hotes située sur un domaine de 12 hectare, entouré de bois et d'etangs. Les chambres sont comfortables et spacieuses pour des sejours en famille ou de weekends en ...
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picture of 15c Manoir
  • Low season of 55€ to 75€
  • Average season of 55€ to 75€
  • High season of 55€ to 75€
  • holiday 350 €
  • Restaurant menu 18 €

Bed and Breakfast in Tulle

15c Manoir

Domaine de Peyrafort Domaine de Peyrafort - Tulle 19000 Tulle (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 299 358  - Mobile phone : 06 16 71 12 72
Frances and Ian Black welcome you to the oldest and most beautiful privately owned property in Tulle, Corrèze. The substantial Manoir XV Domaine de Peyrafort also boasts an impressive 550 year old ...
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picture of La Bercély chambres d'hôtes
  • Low season of 58€ to 68€
  • Average season of 58€ to 68€
  • High season of 58€ to 68€

Bed and Breakfast in Tudeils

La Bercély chambres d'hôtes

DUBOIS La Geneste 19120 TUDEILS 19120 Tudeils (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 91 40 54  - Mobile phone : 06 37 41 87 14
What to do during your stay in the Bercely!

Bernard and Celine welcome you in the Valley of the Dordogne, near the largest sites tourist Turenne, Collonges La Rouge, Padirac, Rocamadour... The ...
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